Underbed Storage Easy DIY

I will admit to having a little obsession with buying on super crazy clearance for Rosie, which is awesome because we always have the next size we need on hand and Rosie always looks terrific (on the cheap!)  Like these adorable and durable Baby Gap jammies I got on clearance last weekend for $4.97 each.  Down from $24.95 each.  Gosh I love a good sale, I really really do!

The downside however, is this:

I know, overstuffed blue and clear plastic bins probably don't bother you as much as they bother me, but Rosie's room is just so sweet and pretty it's jarring to see that thing hanging out under her crib.  We used to have a crib skirt on the crib and viola, hidden.  However it was white, and always dirty (wood floors), and when we dropped her mattress down I had to toss it in the Bermuda triangle of the sewing pile to hem all four sides.  Never to be seen again.  Ho hum.

So, what to do?  I thought about cuter bins, but they were not really cheap and nothing was short enough to fit under the crib, or had that vintage-y vibe I love so much.  I thought about moving the clothes, but it's so convenient to have them right there for when my baby godzilla is ready to move into the next size.  I also love being able to keep an eye on what we have and what we possibly need to buy at the end of the season on SUPER clearance for the next year.

Then at the Antiques Faire this weekend I came across these beauties!

The perfect neutral color, size and shape for her room.  Endlessly useful and totally adorable.  Perfection.  $40 for the whole set (which also includes this sweet little bag I thought I might use for either toy storage or as a play handbag.  The RR on the side was just meant to be!)

Now comes the sorting.  Here's what I do.  First I sort by size, and then by outfit.  That way I can tell what's working together and what's not.  This way we don't end up with one set of leggings or a top that doesn't match anything, which is wasteful.  Also, it sure is easier to get her dressed when the majority of her clothes are somewhat coordinated, especially since my husband usually gets her dressed in the morning.  He comes up with some pretty "amazing" and "interesting" outfits when left to his own devices.

When all the clothes are sorted, choose a suitcase that best fits the amount of clothes in that size.  I tried again to keep the outfits together, while utilizing the space in the suitcase to the fullest.

Last, a little tag with the size on it so you remember.  I printed them on a piece of cardstock and used this punch to get the cute label shape.  I created a free printable template for you here!

More vintage suitcases here, here, here, and here.  Enjoy!

Sources for the what's pictured here in the nursery: 1. DaVinci Jenny Lind Crib in Ebony from Amazon.com // 2. Dwell Studio Fitted Crib Sheet, Pin Dot in Petal from Amazon.com // 3. Aden + Anais Security Blanket similar here from Amazon.com // 4. Gund Bentley Wire Hair Terrier (gift from friend), buy it here // 5. Grey crochet blanket with peach flowers, handmade by Aunt Ellen // 6. Suitcases, vintage from Alameda Antiques Faire // 7. Stars concert posters by Jason Munn, frames custom // 8. Hot Air Balloon Mobile from Bellacor, similar here (different colors)

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  1. I'll take "'amazing' and 'interesting' outfits" as a compliment. Thanks! :-)


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