I broke down and cut my hair.  I know that's probably not the biggest news of the day, but I've been growing it out since I got engaged in January of 2009.   SERIOUSLY, it was pretty darn short.  You can kind of see in this picture, it was actually much longer in front than it was in the back. 

My hair has pretty much been short my whole life.

Years later, years and years...and lots of neglect, it was looking pretty ragged.  And despite really wanting to be the kind of person who has long hair, it really was not me.  My hair is fine and I have about 12.5 minutes on a good day to do anything with it.  It basically lived in a sad sad pony tail and I was really starting to hate it.

No bueno.  So a couple Saturdays ago I brought these pictures to my trusty hair stylist, he's been cutting my hair for 7 years and I adore him.

I was going for a long-ish bob, with bangs.  I told him to do his thing, and he did.  It hits right at the collar bone, so I think it shows off that lovely line.  He said "it reads short, but it's still long-ish if you want to grow it out again."  I can still put my hair in a cute pony, and I can even twist it into a top knot.  I think he's a genius.  I look like a stylish person again, and boy does it ever make me feel good.

Someone once told me "you wear your hair everyday", and it's so true.  I think about that when I'm plunking down some cash for a sweet cut or some new hair product.  I know it's silly to be so vain, but I feel SO GOOD when my hair looks amazing. 

For more hair inspiration, I love the blog She Lets Her Hair Down (pictures 4, 8 and 9 above are from her blog.)

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