Moonrise Kingdom Birthday Party

I confessed the other day that I was already planning Rosie's second birthday party (yes, only 11 months in advance!) and here it is!  My husband and I watched Moonrise Kingdom the other night and it was SO DARLING!  I instantly related to the adorable characters, and aesthetically I was in love with the 60's based sets.  Wes Anderson can do no wrong!  

The story is about a young boy and girl, Sam and Suzy, who are in love and run away.  Sam is a savvy khaki scout attending summer camp at Camp Ivanhoe on New England island New Penzance, and Suzy (who loves fantasy books) lives on the island with her family (in a house called Summer's End - swoon!)  I myself was a scout, a bookworm, and a "troubled child" who ran away from home.  It's really so sweet, if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it.  This is what I'm thinking for the party:

1. DIY Pup Tent \\ 2. Aster in Jars (photo from here) \\ 3. DIY Branch Banner (mock up by me) \\ 4. Sweet Paul Mag Camping Cake \\ 5. Yellow Paisley Bandana \\ 6. Me And My Polar Bear DIY Moonrise Kingdom: Raccoon Patch \\ 7. Urban Outfitters Record Player \\ 8. Mini Boden Dress (no longer available) \\ 9. Etsy Vintage Fishing Basket

The invites will be based on the khaki scout uniform, using number 5 and 6 above.  For favors maybe these, so we can all be like Sam?  Off to find some "Sunday school shoes" for Rosie's outfit!

(Moonrise Kingdom movie poster from Jessica Hirsche's website, the designer of the lettering for all the movie credits, amazing!)


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