I have a twin brother, a lot of people don't know that.  If you're wondering what it's like to have a twin, it's kind of like having a sibling that is a little closer, a little more frustrating, a little more forgiving, and a little more aggravating than your average brother or sister.  I never had my own birthday, so I'm not much of a "birthday princess."  He's definitely able to get away with more than my other brothers and sisters, but I'm also faster to judge and correct him.  It's a little good and bad rolled into one.

We are totally two sides of the same coin, we could not be more different if we tried.  We are close though, and even though he seriously drives me nuts sometimes, I'm so grateful to have him around.  He's my only family member who lives in California, my daughter is totally in love with him (he is literally her favorite person on earth.)  She will spot him from a block and a half away and start reaching out for him.  He has saved my sanity on more than one occasion, driving 45 minutes at a moments notice to play with her and cheer us up when she was really ill.  I love that our daughters are growing up together.  We even work at the same office together, sitting at desks facing one another, 2 feet away from each other every day.  I'm not kidding, and we enjoy it.

And he has the most ridiculously goofy and hilarious sense of humor.  I took these photos of him today.  I asked him to stand in to check lighting/position for a couple portraits I was about to take for the corporate website that I've been working on.  The photos pretty much say it all, he is quite the character.

I really love him.

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