Project: The Sweetest Birth Announcements

Don't you just love birth announcements? They are so joyful and sweet, hands down one of my favorite projects to work on! My friend Sara approached me about designing the birth announcements for her second son Will just a couple weeks before his birth. She asked for "light, airy, and rugby stripes", I think we went through 2 revisions before landing on this 2-sided preppy confection.

Sara had her family pictures taken by Tara Oliver, aren't they just dreamy? You can practically sniff that newborn baby smell from here! The navy envelopes were hand addressed in white ink, and the return address pressed with a custom stamp from Primele (gorgeous, right?!)

Thanks to Sara for letting me work on this project for her, and congratulations on your precious baby boy!

(all product photos by me, family pictures by Tara Oliver)

Sick Days + Rainy Days

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend, despite my family being sick we accomplished a lot (we went on a date! We bought a new dishwasher! We delivered the CUTEST baby announcements which I cannot wait to share! We played outside in the sun! I finished the layouts and ordered my sister's wedding album! EEK!)

There's nothing like a (going on) two week long cold to make you appreciate your health, am I right? The Lee household has been bogged down by this bug, and teething (for Rosie) and vaccine related fevers, for what seems like forever and we're all ready for some relief! Given all the problems we have had with little Rosie's kidneys and lungs, I do have to say I'm grateful for a good ol' cold that doesn't require any trips to the hospital or special tests. Thank god for small favors, even if it is the epic cold and flu season from hell.

It's a rainy day today here in the Bay Area, and when I pulled out my umbrella (a Christmas present from Grandma Nancy) I realized not only is it my favorite in stripes, but it matches my backpack perfectly.  Woot,  granny's are the best!

(Motorcycle Boots: Coach, Jeans: Gap, Jacket: Billabong, Blouse: Gap, Cowl: Sofia Cashmere, Umbrella: Granny, who knows?)

Hope you are all feeling well!  P.S. Speaking of rainy day style, how cute is this rainy day style blog post?   LOVE!

(pics by me using Instagram, and Natalie using Instagram)

Airmail Valentines

Inspired by the charming Rifle Paper Co. Postman valentines (1), and all the airmail bakers twine (2) and washi tape (3) I've been lusting after, I whipped together a few last minute valentines for the pint sized amor in your life.

The first one is so simple, just a tiny mailbox from the $1 section at Target, filled with red and blue Jolly Ranchers (a personal favorite!) I adore these kiddo sized mailboxes, I was thrilled when I spotted them at Target last weekend.  The second one was assembled with my niece in mind, she's three years old and loves art!  I included some blue and red markers, some Melissa & Doug colored pencils (fat and triangular, so they don't roll away) and what little girl doesn't love glitter pens?  The Crayola finger paint is so fun and washes out of clothes (I can attest, thank goodness!)  Last we have a navy Cal Bears t-shirt, a little nod to my husbands other love and alma mater.

All of these cost $10 or less, and took just a few minutes to put together.  It's not a traditional Valentines Day gift (or fancy), but this red, white and blue confection is right up my alley.  Happy V-Day!

What I Wore to Work

I am always racing against the clock with a baby clinging to my leg while getting ready for work.  If I make it out of the house with my hair done and my outfit looking passable without baby snail trails or breakfast on me, I'm happy.  Good to have standards, right?  Here's what I wore to work last week that made me happy.

Jacket: Club Monaco (from years ago, similar here), Dress: Jcrew (last season, similar here and here), Belt: Anthropologie (similar here), Boots: vintage (my fav!  like $25 on Etsy!)

(pictures by the lovely Natalie Kershaw)

Moonrise Kingdom Birthday Party

I confessed the other day that I was already planning Rosie's second birthday party (yes, only 11 months in advance!) and here it is!  My husband and I watched Moonrise Kingdom the other night and it was SO DARLING!  I instantly related to the adorable characters, and aesthetically I was in love with the 60's based sets.  Wes Anderson can do no wrong!  

The story is about a young boy and girl, Sam and Suzy, who are in love and run away.  Sam is a savvy khaki scout attending summer camp at Camp Ivanhoe on New England island New Penzance, and Suzy (who loves fantasy books) lives on the island with her family (in a house called Summer's End - swoon!)  I myself was a scout, a bookworm, and a "troubled child" who ran away from home.  It's really so sweet, if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it.  This is what I'm thinking for the party:

1. DIY Pup Tent \\ 2. Aster in Jars (photo from here) \\ 3. DIY Branch Banner (mock up by me) \\ 4. Sweet Paul Mag Camping Cake \\ 5. Yellow Paisley Bandana \\ 6. Me And My Polar Bear DIY Moonrise Kingdom: Raccoon Patch \\ 7. Urban Outfitters Record Player \\ 8. Mini Boden Dress (no longer available) \\ 9. Etsy Vintage Fishing Basket

The invites will be based on the khaki scout uniform, using number 5 and 6 above.  For favors maybe these, so we can all be like Sam?  Off to find some "Sunday school shoes" for Rosie's outfit!

(Moonrise Kingdom movie poster from Jessica Hirsche's website, the designer of the lettering for all the movie credits, amazing!)

What I've Been Buying Lately

It's no secret I love shopping for Rosie - absolutely everything looks totally adorable on her, and I love finding the cutest toys (all on sale of course!)  I especially love anything in blue or green, since those colors look gorgeous with her fair skin and pretty hair color.  Target has amazing baby and toddler clothes, my favorite brand is Cherokee and the Oshkosh line for Target.  I also have a soft spot in my heart for the Peter Rabbit stories we read as children, so this collection from Baby Gap gives me a serious case of nostalgia.  Here's a few things I've sprung for lately:

1. Target Cherokee Leggings // 2. Target Cherokee Long-Sleeve Top // 3. Amazon The World of Peter Rabbit Complete Box Set // 4. Baby Gap Smocked Plaid Dress // 5. Janie and Jack Elephant Valentine Tee // 6. Baby Gap French Terry Toggle Jacket // 7. KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Blue // 8. Janie and Jack Je T'Amie Stripe Top

How adorable is that navy toggle coat and elephant heart t-shirt?  I regularly cruise the little boys section for clothes for Rosie.  It's a treasure trove of adorable preppy navy and green finds, so cute!
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