Style Crush: Vintage Rings

Do you get hung up on a particular thing?  For me, it's always been rings.  I love love love rings. Necklaces are lovely, but I never seem to get around to wearing them.  I can't wear earrings because my ears are stretched.  I have two watches I really like to wear, but bracelets are not really in my wheelhouse - I think partly because they tend to get in the way when I'm on my laptop.  So, rings are my jewelry of choice.  But not ANY ring, I love luscious, unique, and vintage (ish!) rings. When you haven't seen one anywhere (and it's floral), it's exactly my style.  For example, my engagement ring is a pale green diamond, almost seafoam green, my favorite color!  And the ring I received from Edwin when Rosie was born is a morganite stone (peach/pink emerald) set into a rose gold flower.  I was trolling around the other day and found these rings, too pretty not to share.

1. C. 1960 Vintage Carved Coral and Diamond Bee Ring from Ross Simons // 2. Vintage Hexagonal Diamond Engagement Ring from Ritani // 3. Ornate Retro Vintage Tri Color Gold Eternity Band from The Three Graces // 4. Star Amongst Stars in a Russian Diamond Ring from 1st Dibs // 5. Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond Ruby Bow Motif Ring from 1st Dibs // 6. The Irina Ring from Brilliant Earth // 7. 1.93 Carat Art Deco Diamond Ring from 1st Dibs

If I had more confidence about buying vintage when we were ring shopping for my engagement ring I would have totally gone for one of these.  There are some amazing and reliable resources for vintage rings out there, maybe for our anniversary?!  A girl can hope!  Swoon!


  1. Lovely, I'll take number 7 :) 5 is also cute, well they all are really.

  2. I love the idea of having vintage rings as an engagement ring. I have nothing against diamonds, but sometimes, things are much more special when it's out of the norm. If I were to narrow my choices down, I'd take 2, 3, 4 and 7.


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