Red is one of my favorite colors! So I've shared my favorite shade of red lipstick (sadly, I lost mine...) and a few other things I wouldn't mind wearing right about now. natalie

1. The holepunch flat sandal, Madewell \\ 2. Bowery silk crepe de chine blouse, Marc by Marc Jacobs \\ 3. Scalloped tank in brilliant flame, J.crew \\ 4. Face Stockholm lipstick in chili flake, J.crew \\ 5. Honeybadger in cardinal, Bonlook \\ 6. cross my heart bobby, Ban.do 

Nosy Rosie

I'm feeling a little lost today, not sure where to put my time and efforts.  I wonder if this is the new reality, as a mother/woman/coworker/wife/friend/sister I constantly feel like I have a serious case of ADHD and multiple personality disorder combined (am I right ladies?  please say it's not just me.)  Why is it we women think we need to be great at EVERY.SINGLE.THING. and look good doing it? 

Anyway, I have some great pictures of an office lounge I styled recently, but not enough time to post it.  I will come back to it another day and leave you with a picture I took of Rosie this weekend, being her usual Nosy Rosie self (checking out the people on the sidewalk outside through the little peep door that came with our 90-year old front door.)  I love those long fingers and her sweet pink cheeks.  Originally I started playing with the pic in Photoshop, fixing that mark under her right eye and correcting the color, adding different Actions and layers to make it Seventies! and Dreamy! and Ethereal! and then I decided the straight out of the camera shot was best.  In all its flaws.

This Party Brought To You By The Letter A

Are you guys obsessed with fonts?  I am addicted to gorgeous fonts, I have about 493 zillion on my computer and every time I see another great one I just can't resist.  This party is perfect for the typography obsessed, there's so many ways to personalize a monogram!

1. Alphabet Balloons from Aliexpress.com // 2. Letter A Candles from here, here, here and here and Polka Dot Cake by Betty Crocker // 3. Monogram Magnetic Portraits from Pinhole Press // 4. Clipart for Monogram Invitation from Martha Stewart // 5. Orange Leather Sandals from Mini Boden // 6. Fizzy Sequin Skirt from Mini Boden // 7. Aa Letter T-shirt for Kids by American Apparel // 8. Letter Cookie Cutters by Martha Stewart

A huge load of letter balloons is easy and sweet decoration, if you don't want to order online I would think your local party store should have something like these.  The polka dot cake would be a snap frosted white and dotted with Necco Candy Wafers, topped with a variety of letter A candles - cute!  I love the idea of a custom favor for your tiny and tall guests, these monogrammed portrait magnets would be easy, and at about $2, each pretty cost effective too.  An easy wrapping job in little brown bags with your monogram printed on them and some colorful baker's twine.  

Those alphabet invitations from Martha Stewart are free and totally sweet!  I'm always thinking of a special outfit for your tiny guest of honor, American Apparel Helvetica Alphabet T-shirts also for adults here.  I love the custom sugar cookies, but you could save time with these Earth's Best Letter of the Day Cookies too (so sweet!)

More typography inspiration for your party here and here.  It could also be a fun way to do a subtle Sesame Street birthday party, and it's so gender neutral (maybe sub the pink, peach and yellow for emerald, navy, and seagreen?  Just a thought...have fun!

Made For The Boys (But Perfect For The Girls)

I love lipstick, skirts, dresses, high heels, and braided hairdos, but sometimes I feel a little more like a tomboy than a girly girl.  My best friend growing up was my twin brother, and even though I have THE BEST GIRLFRIENDS EVER (made later in life, I didn't have close female friends until my mid-twenties) the majority of my friends are still male.

My daughter also has kind of a boyish energy, so I get a kick out of shopping for her in the boys section.  Also, I find the boys clothes on little girls paired with a sweet skirt or some polka dot leggings trรจs chic, no?  These items were made for the boys, but just perfect for little girls.
(1. Convertible Plaid Popover from The Gap // 2. Mini Boden Heart Pocket Denim Shorts from Nordstrom.com // 3. Kids Suede Paint-Splatter Macalister Boots from Jcrew // 4. Denim Jacket from Zara Kids // 5. Ostrich Smocked Mini Dress from Tea Collection // 6. Straw Fedora from Baby Gap // 7. Boys Sleep Sets from Jcrew // 8. Cherokee Infant Toddler Girls' Legging from Target // 9. Cable Stitch Sweater with Elbow Patches from Zara Kids)

My House: The Fireplace (An Evolution)

I've been meaning to post about my fireplace (and living room) for some time, mainly because it's the enigma in my house.  Does anyone else find themselves re-styling the same spot in their home over and over again?  I do.  I restyle the mantel like at least twice a year, and I'm like 90% certain my husband thinks I'm bonkers because I won't quit.  It's not that I don't like it, I just change my mind so darn much. 

For example, when we first moved in I wanted it to be clean and simple.  We retiled the fireplace and it went from green (ugly, ugly green) to this simple white and light gray tile.

And for Christmas it got wild (we are not afraid of color, clearly.)

And now it's something like this.  But I changed it like 3 times before I posted this and at least 6 times since I wanted to post something about it.  Crazy, I know.

(Sources: White Hexagon Nesting Tables from West Elm (similar-ish here) // Navy Blue Globe and Mustard Yellow Mid-Century Barrel Chairs - vintage // Gray Pot (with Fern) from Ikea // Large Print by tchmo "Untitled (Landscape) 20120206s on Society6.com // Ceramic Elephant from Ebay // Hedgehog, flowers Print by Chipmunk Cheeks on Etsy // Small Abstract Painting - a gift // the Tin Bus is vintage from my grandfather // Small Portrait of Charlie (our dog) a gift // Wood Pear from West Elm several years ago // Mid-Century Task Lamp in Stainless Steel and Walnut, Cloche, Ceramic Bird - vintage // Geometric Paper Sculpture by The Vintage Vogue on Etsy // Navy and White Greek Key Throw Blanket by Jonathan Adler for HSN)

P.S. Inspired by Victoria's post on SFGirlByBay on the pressures of social media (I can't believe I'm posting this) here's a gratuitous wide angle shot of the disastrous mess I moved to get some nice shots of the fireplace.  Future clients: DO NOT BE ALARMED!  Future parents: yes, when you have a baby your house too will look like this, DO NOT BE ALARMED!  Current parents: you're welcome, yes my house also looks like a tornado hit it.

Ah, life with kids.  The end.

Melly Turns Two: Babar the Elephant and Balloons!

Last weekend we attended the most adorable birthday party for the most adorable little girl.  Her mom is a close friend, and has wonderful style!  

The idea for the party started with this sweet drawing by Laurent de Brunhoff (the successor author and illustrator of the Babar the Elephant books, started by his father.)  I helped her redraw the image, which we had printed on cotton fabric at Spoonflower.  I used this super simple tutorial to sew the fabric into a cute little party skirt for Mel.

The food was ordered from Slow G's Eatery in Danville and it was sooooo good!  Tasty sandwiches, quinoa and potato salad, and even a gluten free peanut butter and apple butter sammie for little Rosie.

Bunches and bunches of balloons left loose on the ceiling were delightful for kids and adults alike, Amanda made the cute happy birthday banner herself, and I arranged a few ranunculus from the farmer's market for the tables.

Those playful napkins are from Ikea, the adorable milk bottles and bags for the kids lunches are from pinklemonadeparty on Etsy, and that AMAZING Babar cake was made by Amanda's stepsister, Amanda Benguerel.  Her company name is Cake Plate Confections, and I think she is brilliant and terrifically talented.  The cake flavors were chocolate peanut butter and lemon raspberry, made dairy free for Phil (Melly's dad) and tasted UHHHHHMAZING.

Oh and speaking of Phil.  He designed and built this crazy huge Babar for the party using the Lego Digital Designer tool on the Lego website!  It was really cool, I have to admit.  Who doesn't want to build a giant Lego anything?  I miss Legos.

The party was so sweet and fun, thanks Amanda, Phil and Melly for having us!  Oh, just one more shot, here they are:

Too cute.  Seriously.

(all pictures by me)

Special Announcement

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for this special announcement (for this we will need the Special Announcement Hats. Parents: do you read the Pookie books to your kids every. single. night?  Anyone?) Anyway, special announcement: my daughter is sleeping.  In her own bed.  By herself.  For the first time in her entire life.

This is a feat that I realize sounds crazy pathetic to those of you whose kids do that every single night and have since, like, day 3.  But my baby girl has had a number of health issues that made sleeping with her in our bed much easier on all of us, and honestly when your kid is scary sick all you want to do is hold them tight and comfort the living crap out of them.

The past 15 months have been a crazy adventure.  Onwards and upwards! 


Kjerste and I have been feeling a little blue (or black, depending on who you ask) lately so we needed something to help balance us out. There are few colors happier than yellow! natalie

1. Circle studs, Kate Spade Saturday \\ 2. The two-tone platform in suede, Madewell \\ 3. May28th and Kate Spade Saturday watch in pick-up sticks, Kate Spade Saturday \\  4. Sleeveless stripe shell top, Topshop \\ 5. Factory stripe leather envelope clutch, J.crew Factory \\ 6. Easy everyday belt in natural vachetta, Kate Spade Saturday 

Tips and Tricks: Alameda Point Antiques Faire

On the first Sunday of every month the Alameda Point Antiques Faire starts bright and early at 6am. There's food, rows upon rows of tchotkes, light fixtures, dishes, clothes and furniture, and people are surprisingly friendly given the ungodly hour (perhaps a certain camaraderie comes from braving the cold and dark together all in the name of old beautiful things!)

I absolutely love the Alameda Point Antiques Faire, so (inspired by Emily Henderson's super amazing and helpful post on the Rose Bowl Flea Market) here are a few pointers from me so that you too might brave the Alameda Antiques Faire in search of awesome deals and unique items for your home!

1. Go with a friend. First, it's more fun with company! This past Sunday was the first time I shopped solo. I was shopping primarily for clients, had a specific list and felt like I would concentrate better without any distractions (other than the booths of RIDICULOUSLY amazing 50's and 60's sectionals, chairs and coffee tables.) I actually felt like I needed someone to bounce ideas off of, and sanity check. As in, is this giant two faced 60's Italian vase the coolest ever, or have I lost my head? Second, pick up is a bear without a partner to help load up. There's a 15-30 minute active loading area (if you're outside the entrance it's to the left) where you can park, get a large loading cart, go retrieve your finds, and load them up, but it's a heck of a lot easier to divide and conquer.

2. Just rent a $5 shopping cart already. If you think you're going to buy a few things, I recommend a cart. These are not the loading carts that need to be returned right away, they are the good old fashioned shopping carts to be rented for the day. After about 5 hours of schlepping my giant vase, cloche, pull toy, globes, etc I was spending more time readjusting the load than shopping.

3. When you see something you love love love, pounce. Here's a good time to mention that the earlier you go, the better you will find. All the best items, real steals, and awesome furniture are often gone in the first couple hours. It's $15 to get in from 6-7...which is an awesome deal when you score a Dutch mid century side table you want to marry and have babies with.

4. Don't be afraid to ask "is this your best price?" Or make a respectable offer on anything really. The worst they can do is turn it down and most prices (if marked at all) are negotiable - for the polite and respectful shopper.

5. There's food! Tons of it! Real food, on food trucks and coffee and grits, oh my!

(Those reclaimed wood signs are by Scott Coppersmith, he makes custom signs, letters, etc too.  I think one just may be in my future - fingers crossed!)

6. When you buy a piece of furniture (or even if you're just interested) be sure to ask for the sellers card and write down the stall number painted in yellow on the ground. It's never happened to me, but my greatest fear is that I'll find a fantastic piece and can't find my way back to the booth. All the rows start to look the same after a while.

7. Bring cash, more than you think you need.  ATMs are available, but they are at the entrance which is a loooooong way from the booths at the back.  I've never tried to use a check, but it's possible sellers take them.  

I always leave the market feeling inspired, slightly overwhelmed, with something I'm just totally in love with, and excited for the next one.  Where do you guys find your favorite items for the house/apartment?  Is 6:00am, in the dark (oh, bring a flashlight!) crazy for amazing finds?

(all photos by me, processed through Instagram)

Zara For Kids

Raise your hand if you're obsessed with Zara for Kids.  Everytime I peruse their ridiculously adorable children's section I am filled with a serious longing to purchase every. single. item.  I bought Rosie a coat from Zara Baby this past winter, and although she didn't get much use of it (mild climate here) I thought that the details, quality and style were spot on and worth every penny.  Here are a few things I'm particularly fond of lately:

1. dress with ruffle sleeves // 2. printed t-shirt // 3. printed raincoat // 4. leather desert boot // 5. regular jean // 6. striped swim shorts // 7. cardigan with elbow patches // 8. leather boot with stars // 9. 5 pocket satin trousers


1. Racer low rise desert twill pant, Citizens of Humanity \\ 2. Round preppy sunglasses, Topshop \\ 3. Milten loafer, BP \\ 4. Lizard embossed patent leather flap clutch, Halogen 

Stuff and Things

I am working on an amazing, life changing, awe-inspiring post for you for Wednesday or Thursday (ok, most likely not life changing), but in the mean time here are a few things that are making my April Fools Day please-y (yes, that's a word, let's not try to be so goody goody, ok?)

This is the funniest post I've read in a long time, warning: it's about being a sucky parent (and aren't we all? if you're not yet, well don't worry because you will be too someday!)

While scrolling through the Graphis Design Annual 2014 Competition entries, I came across this entry by designers Derek Smith and Strom Strandel.  Pure brilliance, excellent sense of humor, LOVE (and I don't eat hot dogs, people!  That's compelling!)

I've been obsessed with the blog Brand New lately, diving further down the rabbit hole of their archives almost daily (well, nightly, post-baby bedtime.)  They chronicle corporate logo redesigns/identity work, and it is truly fascinating.

I thought this was actually pretty funny.

And I want to be sisters with the Stella Sisters.  Or kidnap them to form a band with Rosie (with Rosie on drums, because OBVIOUSLY.)

Happy Opening Day folks, hey it's Spring!  Hooray!
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