I Love You, California: Redwood Regional Park

I love California, I really do.  It's my adopted state, but the longer I live here the more I just love the crap out of all the little adventures to be had.  This weekend the whole family was feeling a little under the weather, trying to make the best of it (and not willing to make a huge driving commitment) we decided spur of the moment to visit Redwood Regional Park.

It was our first time visiting, which is shameful because it is practically in our backyard.  A quick pack of the diaper bag, tossed the babies (human baby and fur baby) in the car, and seven minutes later we were at the main gate.  It's $5 to park and a $2 fee to bring the pup in, and if you drive to the last parking lot (Canyon Meadow Staging Area) you're just a hop skip and a jump from the children's playground, a few picnic areas, and the prettiest walk in the city.  Holy smokes, I couldn't believe we were smack dab in the middle of a redwood forest!

With Rosie fading fast we didn't walk far, but the walk was so pretty even the short distance we covered.  It's the perfect mini hike to take with squirmy toddlers.  The skies were a little threatening, but we didn't let that intimidate us (hey, we live in Oakland, the Lees aren't Nervous Nelly's.) 

It was the best way to spend a couple hours on a Sunday, and we found the sweetest little (ha, redwood trees, little?) gem right here in Oakland.  California is the best.

More California love here and I love this too. ♥  

P.S. Did you know California's State Song is I Love You, California?  It was running through my head when I was writing this post.

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