The Bay Bridge

The first time I crossed the Bay Bridge was the day I moved to San Francisco, September of 2004. I had driven all the way from Minnesota, car packed and trusty dog in the passenger seat. I got caught in a snow storm on Donner Pass and spent one creepy (do you guys know the story of the Donner Party?) and anxiety filled night huddled with Charlie in the car on the side of the highway with several other waylaid vehicles. When morning came and the storm had passed we hit the road.

Roughly three hours later, we crossed the Bay Bridge to our new life in San Francisco. I have always loved the Bay Bridge. I know her colorful sister, the Golden Gate, gets a lot of love, but for me it's always been the Bay Bridge that's captured my heart and imagination. I love that its really two bridges, an East and West span (maybe it's the twin in me?) and I love its underdog nature. When I cross Westbound I get the most incredible view of San Francisco, and when I cross Eastbound the weather usually gets sunnier and warmer - I'm literally leaving the fog, cold and clouds behind. Gotta love those Bay Area microclimates! I cross it often and memories of those first hopeful thoughts and optimistic daydreams that filled my mind that morning in September still make me feel warm and nostalgic.

There's to be a new feature to our beloved bridge, an LED art installation by Leo Villareal. And although the Minnesota hippy rebel girl in me kind of takes pride in the hardworking nature and unglamorous look of the Bay Bridge, I'm actually really excited about the installation. Our cantilevered girl really works hard and she deserves a little sparkle, a little glitter in her crown. So here's to many wonderful memories made on and in the shadow of the beautiful Bay Bridge, and many new ones to come.

(picture of the Bay Bridge by Jim Nix)

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