Good Day Sunshine!

It's HERE!  The unofficial start of summer, and it couldn't come a day sooner.  I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine, maybe eating some BBQ and taking a moment to remember those who have died in the service of our country this Memorial Day.  I come from a long line of military service men and women, and although my family has been fortunate to return home from wars near and far - many do not.  I think about that on days like today.

To celebrate the beautiful weather we've been having and excitement about sunny days ahead, these are a few of my favorite toddler summer essentials.  If you need ideas about where to go with your toddler this summer, stay tuned for more I Love California adventures, the first few here.

1. Tea Collection dresses (this one the Cave Rock Mini Dress.)  They are the perfect summer dress, easy and comfy to wear, durable (they wash SO well!), and so so so cute.  Rosie has a few and they are a favorite for both of us.  $15 dress sale ends today!

2. Salt Water Sandals (this one The Original from  My daughter is an explorer, and these sandals stand up to a lot of abuse (including LOTS of water at the water table!)  They have a really sturdy sole, and from the first time she wore them they were soft and needed no "breaking in."

3. Shorts from Target (these ones Circo Striped Shorts.)  Four dollars - they have lots on sale for that price!  So cheap, so cute, and so comfy.  Check, check and check.

4. Great Sunscreen (this one Coppertone Water Babies Pure and Simple.)  Rosie has my skin, very fair and burns easily.  I try not to be obsessive, but the girl needs serious sunblock and I hate that so many are basically toxic sludge.  This one is rated very well by the Environmental Working Group (have you used their website to look up Consumer Products?  Am I exposing my inner crazy?), and it's SPF 50.  I use it for myself too and it's not so thick and gloopy (like some zinc based sunscreens) that I look like I'm wearing pancake batter on my face.  Boom, covered.

5. Sporty Swimsuits (this one Old Navy Striped Cross-Back Swimsuit.)  I love this stripey number, with great coverage.  And at $11 the price is right!

6. Crazy Girly Flowery Awesome Bikinis (this one Janie and Jack Blossom Bikini.) Ok, ok, I am a sucker for toddler swimwear!  Rosie has several swimsuits, in every size up to 3T.  I have a problem!  They are just precious, don't you think?

7. Skinny Jeans (these ones Genuine Kids from OshKosh Denim Jean from Target.)  Rosie's Auntie Jenna bought her some amazing Circo Jeggings for Christmas and I've been OBSESSED with skinny jeans for her ever since.  They are just so adorable!  They don't sell the Circo ones anymore, I looked forever for extra pairs.  But these ones by OshKosh are perfection (Old Navy sells some great ones too, with great prints), with those tiny flowers embroidered on the waistband.  Yes, please.  I'll take one for me and one for her.

Oh and number 8. on the list?  PIGTAILS!  Oh lord, it's awesome now that Rosie's hair is long enough for pigtails (not that she's sitting still for it!)

Enjoy the sunshine, friends!

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