I Love You, California: Children's Fairyland

I love Children's Fairyland. It is hands down one of my favorite places to take Rosie on my day off. Enough that we've been there pretty much every other week for the past two months! If you have a toddler that's walking or older I highly recommend it for a (few!) visits.

We bought a membership off Living Social for $50. The admission is $8 for all adults and children over the age of one, so if you live in the area I think plunking down the cash for a membership is the way to go. Parking is usually $2 if you can't find a free spot on the street. This isn't the cheapest Bay Area adventure, but I do feel it's got bang for your buck.

In the five or six times we've been to the park we still haven't seen the whole thing. It's dense, but the exhibits of different fairytales are divided up so well it never feels like you're in the same area over and over again. There is literally something to discover every time! Rosie loves toddling along the little road and bridges, and I love that she can walk the entire time with ease. 

The exhibits themselves are just so precious, and our membership came with a "magic key" that you can also buy separately to unlock a story box explaining each fairytale. The kids love the keys and turning them to hear songs and stories. This place is truly brilliant.

The little houses are all kid sized, Rosie loves exploring them. They have a sweet little train that takes you for a ride around the park, a pirate ship to climb, whales to climb into, boats to climb over, a huge music tunnel for kids to run through, animals to look at. It is delightful at every turn.

We were at the park at closing time the other day, and they have the cutest little puppet show that they put on in the theater for the kids (after the close! Generous!) Rosie ate her little snack and watched the show, for a few minutes until she became distracted. But the other kids were really enjoying it.

I should mention most of these exhibits have been around for 40 years, this place is a true Oakland tradition. It's not old and dated though, more charmingly vintage. If you haven't been, please go. It's a favorite spot and I hope to continue bringing Rosie here for years and years to come!


  1. Children's Fairyland was built in 1950. So many of the structures are well over 60 year old...and just as charming as ever thanks to loving care!

    1. Thanks for the correction OonaBee! They are truly charming, I agree!


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