Project: My Sister's Wedding

My dear big sister Martina got married last September to the love of her life (yay!)  Nosy, bossy sister that I am, I pushed and prodded my sister to do this or that for her wedding exactly my way. Sometimes I won, sometimes she resisted and I'm so glad she did.  The wedding was gorgeous, and a compromise of our two different styles.  It was our first time working on a large project together, and I'm so so so thrilled it was such a success.

As a wedding present, I designed and printed her wedding invitations. Later I also edited her wedding video, and made her wedding album (below.)  Suffice to say I was knee-deep in her wedding for quite some time! This was my first time designing an entire wedding suite solo and I love how it came out. Her only request was to use navy, and I wanted to incorporate at least one of the colors from her very colorful mood board to bring it to life without looking too wild.  I included custom maps for the rehearsal dinner invitation and for the wedding details insert, and screen printed the return envelopes with my gocco.  The invitation suite was the perfect representation of Martina and Gurkan, and their subtly industrial, 20's vintage, and modern special day. 

I remember my girlfriends telling me how important your wedding photos are when I was planning my wedding, how it's "all that's left" after your big day.  I thought it was silly to think that, you have your memories!  But now a few years later I realize they were right, it's those pictures that bring back the special memories when I look through my wedding album.  I was so excited to put together an album of memories for Martina and Gurkan to cherish.  The book is 15 layouts for a total of 30 press printed lay flat pages mounted on thick cardstock.  The cover is premium black leather, so soft and totally classic.  It was hard to send it on to her, I flipped through the pages a dozen times. She was a real stunner in that dress, wasn't she?

The whole project was really amazing and I'm sad it's over.  On to other projects!

(all pictures of wedding invitations and wedding album by me, photography for Martina's wedding by the incredibly talented Liana Elizabeth Photography)

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