Project: The Sweetest Birth Announcements

Don't you just love birth announcements? They are so joyful and sweet, hands down one of my favorite projects to work on! My friend Sara approached me about designing the birth announcements for her second son Will just a couple weeks before his birth. She asked for "light, airy, and rugby stripes", I think we went through 2 revisions before landing on this 2-sided preppy confection.

Sara had her family pictures taken by Tara Oliver, aren't they just dreamy? You can practically sniff that newborn baby smell from here! The navy envelopes were hand addressed in white ink, and the return address pressed with a custom stamp from Primele (gorgeous, right?!)

Thanks to Sara for letting me work on this project for her, and congratulations on your precious baby boy!

(all product photos by me, family pictures by Tara Oliver)

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