Happy For Hue: Navy

Hey Folks!  Sorry for the long silence, it's been a busy week and I can't wait to share what's in the works.  Now contributing to Rosebud & Penny with a weekly style column (read: wishlist!) will be Natalie Kershaw, who has her own awesome blog Kershaws In Cali

I double dog dare you to tell me she's not the cutest, ever.  Natalie and I met years ago (at work!) and since becoming dear friends she's been my style guru, my inspiration, and a trusted friend who I run like 88% of my aesthetic decisions through. I'm sure many of you already know Natalie, she is just so incredibly stylish and sweet I'm super flattered she's willing to contribute!  Without further ado: Happy For Hue: Navy...

1. Anchor-print cotton-canvas slippers, Charles Philip Shanghai \\ 2. Boy scouts cotton-blend terry sweatshirt, Zoe Karssen \\ 3. Jepson jersey scarf, Isabel Marant \\ 4. Voile shirt, Splendid \\ 5. Polka-dot skinny silk scarf, Saint Laurent \\ 6. Cotton-blend jersey t-shirt, Splendid


  1. does this mean you will buy me numbers 2 & 5? because i think i really need them ;)

    1. um, obviously! I LOOOOOOVE the boy scouts sweatshirt too!

  2. This is awesome! Love her favorite things posts!!


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