Emma Turns Three: A Turquoise Princess Party

I can't wait to share the photos from what I was up to this weekend...another birthday party!  This one for sweet little (now) 3-year-old Emma.  She had asked for a turquoise Cinderella princess party (adorable!) and I think we delivered on that while keeping the saccharine levels moderate for the adults.   Here's a sneak peek at the mood board, pictures from the party to come tomorrow!

1. Large round balloons with tassels or garlands (picture from here)  // 2. Doily Garlands (from here) // 3. Flowers (pic from here) // 4. Crepe paper garlands // 5. Striped Paper Straws // 6. Cinderella's Dress Cupcake Toppers // 7. Fairy Godmother Wands (pic from here) // 8. Custom Invitations by me! // 9. Custom Birthday Garland by me!

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  1. I love turquoise and white together! And I see some great arrangements and things in these pictures. Even my mother got everything for me in this color combination last year for my 17th birthday. She even made a cake with these two colors only and decorated one of the venues in Chicago beautifully in these colors!


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