Sick Days + Rainy Days

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend, despite my family being sick we accomplished a lot (we went on a date! We bought a new dishwasher! We delivered the CUTEST baby announcements which I cannot wait to share! We played outside in the sun! I finished the layouts and ordered my sister's wedding album! EEK!)

There's nothing like a (going on) two week long cold to make you appreciate your health, am I right? The Lee household has been bogged down by this bug, and teething (for Rosie) and vaccine related fevers, for what seems like forever and we're all ready for some relief! Given all the problems we have had with little Rosie's kidneys and lungs, I do have to say I'm grateful for a good ol' cold that doesn't require any trips to the hospital or special tests. Thank god for small favors, even if it is the epic cold and flu season from hell.

It's a rainy day today here in the Bay Area, and when I pulled out my umbrella (a Christmas present from Grandma Nancy) I realized not only is it my favorite in stripes, but it matches my backpack perfectly.  Woot,  granny's are the best!

(Motorcycle Boots: Coach, Jeans: Gap, Jacket: Billabong, Blouse: Gap, Cowl: Sofia Cashmere, Umbrella: Granny, who knows?)

Hope you are all feeling well!  P.S. Speaking of rainy day style, how cute is this rainy day style blog post?   LOVE!

(pics by me using Instagram, and Natalie using Instagram)

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