What I've Been Up To Lately

I've been knee-deep in a few projects, making it tough to post more often.  I wanted to share the few things I've been working on the past couple weeks, and hopefully this week I'll also have another "I Love You, California" post for y'all.  I have a few in the hopper, who knew there were so many amazing things to do with your babes, toddlers and chilluns in the Bay Area?

First, I've been working on a website and branding for my parents, the beekeepers at River Road Honey Farm.  They started out in 2005 with just a few hives, and 7 years later it's a whole operation!  I love simple, clean and charming websites, so this was a really fun one to be working on.  It's not done yet, I'm hoping it will wrap up this week.

I've also been working on a wedding album for my dear friend Sara.  She got married in Hawaii in April, and I've been creating a super special album for her.  I love wedding albums, don't you?  It brings back memories of looking through my grandparents album and thinking about how young and chic they were.  I know many people forgo the album these days, but to me it's a tangible and beautiful artifact of your wedding day to share for generations.

This is my favorite page from the album.  The bride is seriously cool and a indie music lover.  She is genuine, funny and unique, and I wanted to create something that reflected her personality.  I create all my albums without templates, using only the photos and story of the day to inspire an album that is absolutely personal.  For this layout, I was inspired by an album that won WPPI’s Wedding Album of the Year in 2012.  The photographer Jerry Ghoinis said about it "I thought I would take a risk and create a polaroid collage creating a sense of movement in each spread. It makes a 2D image almost appear 3D. It was like creating a puzzle from the inside out with no knowledge of the final image."  Amazing.  This page is a collage created from five different images of their sky lantern send off.  It was the most fun I've had on a project recently, I felt like I was in the zone creatively speaking and so thrilled about the final result.  I LOVE a good puzzle!

Anyway, that's what I've been up to lately.  Hope your weekend was as motivating as mine was.  Happy Monday everyone!

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