Farmers Market Flowers

I am just delighted every week with the flowers at our local farmers market. They are always whatever is in season, they look fresh and are the loveliest colors.  Best of all? It's $20 for 6 bunches of flowers, regardless of variety. In the past I've gotten ranunculus in every color, snap dragons, cosmos, daffodils, sunflowers, sweet william (a flower I love the look and name of.) 

This week there were rows and rows of a personal favorite: dahlias. Oh how I love dahlias! They are so interesting texturally, they come in so many hues and sizes, they look vintage and modern at the same time, and they look lovely in many different varieties of arrangements.

I'm also partial to them because they were in my wedding bouquet and bring back sweet memories.  Our genius wedding florist, Church Street Flowers, had suggested them based on the black and white, vintage modern look of our wedding and the flowers (and the florist!) have been a favorite ever since.

Here are the four arrangements that I made this week, all done from the $20 for 6 bunches investment.  Similar in process to this post on arranging $18 worth of Trader Joe's flowers, I sorted all my flowers out in piles by color and type, arranged my large bouquets first and used the odds and ends to make a little posy for the bathroom and the kitchen window.  It might be a ridiculous way to spend 30 minutes of very precious free time, but I find it relaxing and it creates lasting enjoyment!

We've been having a rough couple weeks with the baby munchkin, so it has been uplifting spotting these flowers at every turn in our house. Hooray! Hope you are all enjoying this lovely sunshine. Bon weekend!

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