Photography Challenge: Week 3

Well hello, and how do you do?  We have been enjoying the long weekend, despite a few bumps in the road (my daughter slept for a total of about 6 hours last night, good times!)  The BART strike looks to be on at least a 30 day reprieve, and the 4th of July was sunny as it should be - all is well in the world!  This is week 3 of my photography challenge, and although I do seem to be getting more familiar with my settings, I'm still not very quick in fixing them.  My new ridiculous habit is to forget my ISO setting and so the first 10 pictures I take are so badly lit they are garbage. Then I realize UH DUH, I'm on ISO 100, inside the house, with practically no light.  No bueno.

This picture is Rosie and her dear friend Elise, who is so precious and I just adore her.  She looks just like a little doll, doesn't she?  Adorable separately, I think they are compounding the cuteness together.  I just want to kiss them both!  I wish I had increased the aperture a bit because Rosie is sitting up a little further than Elise and a teensy bit out of focus.  I should have chosen another photo, but it was so sweet.  Nevermind, I stand behind my choice!  I will keep trying, I will!

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