This Party Brought To You By The Letter A

Are you guys obsessed with fonts?  I am addicted to gorgeous fonts, I have about 493 zillion on my computer and every time I see another great one I just can't resist.  This party is perfect for the typography obsessed, there's so many ways to personalize a monogram!

1. Alphabet Balloons from // 2. Letter A Candles from here, here, here and here and Polka Dot Cake by Betty Crocker // 3. Monogram Magnetic Portraits from Pinhole Press // 4. Clipart for Monogram Invitation from Martha Stewart // 5. Orange Leather Sandals from Mini Boden // 6. Fizzy Sequin Skirt from Mini Boden // 7. Aa Letter T-shirt for Kids by American Apparel // 8. Letter Cookie Cutters by Martha Stewart

A huge load of letter balloons is easy and sweet decoration, if you don't want to order online I would think your local party store should have something like these.  The polka dot cake would be a snap frosted white and dotted with Necco Candy Wafers, topped with a variety of letter A candles - cute!  I love the idea of a custom favor for your tiny and tall guests, these monogrammed portrait magnets would be easy, and at about $2, each pretty cost effective too.  An easy wrapping job in little brown bags with your monogram printed on them and some colorful baker's twine.  

Those alphabet invitations from Martha Stewart are free and totally sweet!  I'm always thinking of a special outfit for your tiny guest of honor, American Apparel Helvetica Alphabet T-shirts also for adults here.  I love the custom sugar cookies, but you could save time with these Earth's Best Letter of the Day Cookies too (so sweet!)

More typography inspiration for your party here and here.  It could also be a fun way to do a subtle Sesame Street birthday party, and it's so gender neutral (maybe sub the pink, peach and yellow for emerald, navy, and seagreen?  Just a thought...have fun!

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