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I am working on an amazing, life changing, awe-inspiring post for you for Wednesday or Thursday (ok, most likely not life changing), but in the mean time here are a few things that are making my April Fools Day please-y (yes, that's a word, let's not try to be so goody goody, ok?)

This is the funniest post I've read in a long time, warning: it's about being a sucky parent (and aren't we all? if you're not yet, well don't worry because you will be too someday!)

While scrolling through the Graphis Design Annual 2014 Competition entries, I came across this entry by designers Derek Smith and Strom Strandel.  Pure brilliance, excellent sense of humor, LOVE (and I don't eat hot dogs, people!  That's compelling!)

I've been obsessed with the blog Brand New lately, diving further down the rabbit hole of their archives almost daily (well, nightly, post-baby bedtime.)  They chronicle corporate logo redesigns/identity work, and it is truly fascinating.

I thought this was actually pretty funny.

And I want to be sisters with the Stella Sisters.  Or kidnap them to form a band with Rosie (with Rosie on drums, because OBVIOUSLY.)

Happy Opening Day folks, hey it's Spring!  Hooray!

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