My House: The Fireplace (An Evolution)

I've been meaning to post about my fireplace (and living room) for some time, mainly because it's the enigma in my house.  Does anyone else find themselves re-styling the same spot in their home over and over again?  I do.  I restyle the mantel like at least twice a year, and I'm like 90% certain my husband thinks I'm bonkers because I won't quit.  It's not that I don't like it, I just change my mind so darn much. 

For example, when we first moved in I wanted it to be clean and simple.  We retiled the fireplace and it went from green (ugly, ugly green) to this simple white and light gray tile.

And for Christmas it got wild (we are not afraid of color, clearly.)

And now it's something like this.  But I changed it like 3 times before I posted this and at least 6 times since I wanted to post something about it.  Crazy, I know.

(Sources: White Hexagon Nesting Tables from West Elm (similar-ish here) // Navy Blue Globe and Mustard Yellow Mid-Century Barrel Chairs - vintage // Gray Pot (with Fern) from Ikea // Large Print by tchmo "Untitled (Landscape) 20120206s on // Ceramic Elephant from Ebay // Hedgehog, flowers Print by Chipmunk Cheeks on Etsy // Small Abstract Painting - a gift // the Tin Bus is vintage from my grandfather // Small Portrait of Charlie (our dog) a gift // Wood Pear from West Elm several years ago // Mid-Century Task Lamp in Stainless Steel and Walnut, Cloche, Ceramic Bird - vintage // Geometric Paper Sculpture by The Vintage Vogue on Etsy // Navy and White Greek Key Throw Blanket by Jonathan Adler for HSN)

P.S. Inspired by Victoria's post on SFGirlByBay on the pressures of social media (I can't believe I'm posting this) here's a gratuitous wide angle shot of the disastrous mess I moved to get some nice shots of the fireplace.  Future clients: DO NOT BE ALARMED!  Future parents: yes, when you have a baby your house too will look like this, DO NOT BE ALARMED!  Current parents: you're welcome, yes my house also looks like a tornado hit it.

Ah, life with kids.  The end.


  1. Love that you showed what's behind the camera! I'm all too familiar with this lol!

    1. Keeping it real moment, haha! Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  2. What a fun combination up on your mantle!

    1. Thanks Tina, it's all stuff I love :)


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