Nosy Rosie

I'm feeling a little lost today, not sure where to put my time and efforts.  I wonder if this is the new reality, as a mother/woman/coworker/wife/friend/sister I constantly feel like I have a serious case of ADHD and multiple personality disorder combined (am I right ladies?  please say it's not just me.)  Why is it we women think we need to be great at EVERY.SINGLE.THING. and look good doing it? 

Anyway, I have some great pictures of an office lounge I styled recently, but not enough time to post it.  I will come back to it another day and leave you with a picture I took of Rosie this weekend, being her usual Nosy Rosie self (checking out the people on the sidewalk outside through the little peep door that came with our 90-year old front door.)  I love those long fingers and her sweet pink cheeks.  Originally I started playing with the pic in Photoshop, fixing that mark under her right eye and correcting the color, adding different Actions and layers to make it Seventies! and Dreamy! and Ethereal! and then I decided the straight out of the camera shot was best.  In all its flaws.

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