Splish Splash: Blogshop SF

With Edwin's encouragement (and lots of excitement and nudges from my dear friend Natalie) I took the Blogshop class on Photoshop and Video in November, and it was AMAZING.  It literally changed the way I see everything, and made me feel 957% more confident in my aesthetic and design "work" (read: play.)

I love using my new skills, and tested my new "videographer" chops on little Miss Rosie Lee one night during bath time.  I know, I know, A LOT of Rosie on this blog.  But hey, she is the cutest subject ever, no?

Here's the old video making me:

And here's the new and improved videographer me!  Filmed in 20 minutes with Edwin's help, edited in about an hour and a half.  Not bad!

I can't recommend the class more highly than to say it's literally changed my life, I am so inspired!  No lie.  If you have the opportunity, take it!

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