New Favorite Blog: You Are My Wild

I've been practicing my virtually non-exisitant photography skills every chance I get (or when my camera battery is charged) and constantly looking for inspiration for portraits.  I just love great unique portraits, one of the reasons I always beg my dear friend Shana Duncan to take portraits of my family. 

Today I came across You Are My Wild through a post on the now inactive blog Pacing the Panic Room (I highly recommend falling down the rabbit hole of his archives, they are just wonderful.)  You Are My Wild is a weekly portrait project of 14 photographers, one of which is the writer of Pacing the Panic Room.  The portraits are thoughtful, exuberant, interesting, and so so unique.  I'm obsessed and inspired.

Here are a few of my favorites from the project:

PURE BRILLIANCE.  I am enjoying every single gorgeous picture!

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