I've been making mistakes lately. Not the kind that are life threatening, or the kind you lose your job over, or even the kind that cost you lots of moolah. Mostly just the kind that are small, insignificant, and annoying. The kind that take a few minutes to fix, or the kind that leave you feeling like Homer Simpson "D'oh!" My grandfather used to say to me "what's worth doing is worth doing well," and it irritates the crap out of the perfectionist in me to be mucking up on even the small stuff. I've always prided myself on being a detail oriented person, not much escapes my eagle eye. But lately I feel like I don't have time to double check my work, and it's led to some very silly mistakes.

I can't blame everything on motherhood, although I will take a few nods from the women in my life when I tell them mama ain't what she used to be pre-baby. It's the details that make good GREAT.  I need to slow down, take the time to get it right, and celebrate doing things WELL again. If that means I do less, or take longer to do it, I'm going to be happy with doing things well.

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